Our History & Our Present

225 years of history

What's the history of the Porters Landing Guest House, you ask? It's unknown exactly when it was built, however a brick in the kitchen fireplace gives the biggest clue with it's 1796 carving in one of the old bricks. In the mid 1800's, it was home to a shipwright by the name of John Blethen, his wife Lavinia, and their large family. We also know that in the late 1800's the house was home to a Civil War Veteran and his family. 

John Blethen operated a shipbuilding business in Porters Landing, and in 1850, employed five men. He and his crew were building and selling vessels valued at $8400. The vessels were built on gently sloped ground reinforced with timbers embedded in the earth down on the water's edge. You can still see some of those timbers today! 

Today, creative thinking and artistic craftsmanship are still happening here! Your host, and owner of Porters Landing, lives onsite and has a glass and painting studio &gallery located on the property. She welcomes artists from all over the world for art retreats and classes. The studio & gallery is open for guests to visit every day of the week! 

We continue to research the house, and it's history, and we are so grateful that we get to put our stamp on this home now. We are proud to live and grow here, create art here, and share it with people through our suites and small, very unique Inn!!

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